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Duties Responsibility

  1. Security personnel’s will carry out the duties assigned then, as per your instructions within security parameters only.
  2. Checking of all incoming / outgoing goods and vehicles.
  3. Personnel’s and physical search of employees / visitors (optional).
  4. Monitoring / controlling movement of visitor’s workers.
  5. Confidential reporting to the management regarding activities
  6. Prejudicial to its interest, on weekly & monthly basis. Every forth night the senior management personnel’s will held a meeting with the company’s / society’s management.
  7. Conducting surprise check to create fear in the mind of miscreants and intruders, (Any other work related to the security assigned by management in writing, within the security the framework).
  8. Supervision and special checking carried out by Area / field / Night round officers to check up the performance and effectiveness of the security staff.
  9. Security / Area / field officers will be authorized to arrange the security personnel’s to improvise effective & efficient security arrangement as they may feel deemed fit for time to time.
  10. Round the clock customer service & patrolling.
  11. Trained female security personnel’s for frisking & search of female employees.
  12. Maintaining of daily log books & registers.
  13. Age limit for security guard between 18 Yrs. to 65 Yrs. / Ex- Serviceman up to 70 yrs.
  14. At least four Night Round will be taken by the area Field officers monthly, apart from senior.
  15. Management’s surprise round.
  16. In case shortage of security Guard, the reliever’s will be provided within 2 hours, form reliving the information at Head Office.


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