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Regardless of its nature, size or location, a commercial event is a potential target for criminals and extremists. Security must be addressed early in the planning process.

SFS Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have provided security for a variety of events, AGMs, major sporting events, product launches and corporate functions for many years. We are widely experienced in security management at events where disruption by either activists or disgruntled shareholders threatens the company’s reputation or the safety of others attending the event.

Event Security
Event Security
Event Security

Our team will first work closely with the organisers to conduct an event security risk assessment and provide advice on the measures needed to mitigate the risk of disruption. The risk assessment will consider sources of threat, the overall event profile and objectives. We also work closely with dignitary protection teams to measure the risks posed by the attendance of high-profile visitors such as senior government officials.

During the event itself, SFS Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will provide on-the-ground security management and coordination to oversee the agreed security plan’s implementation. In addition, SFS Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will also provide specialist protective support packages for any individuals identified as high-risk or those with mandated additional security requirements.

In the event of an incident, we will activate and direct contingency measures. Our global reach and detailed local knowledge gives us the ability to provide risk management solutions for complex, high-profile events anywhere in the world.

Event Security
Event Security
Event Security


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