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Terms and Conditions


The Period of contract will be in force for one calendar year, with provision to extend the same under mutual understanding of both the parties. If written notice is not received one month prior to the expiry of the existing contract, then the contract will automatically termed as further valid for a period for a period of one year, with 10% enhancement of charges, of the ongoing contract rates.


The duty hours of security personnel will be for 8 or 12 hours. In case of non-availability of personnel, due to any unforeseen reasons, the duties will be carried out by the available manpower under proper supervision. Any additional responsibilities given by intimated in writing by the management and will bear the additional cost as & where & applicable on actual basis.


We shall be charging, you extra for the 5 national holidays, i.e.
Republic Day, Holi, Labour Day (1st may), Independence Day and Diwali.


We shall raise our bill on the 1st of every month and you must remit the payment on or before 7th of every month, to enable us the disbursement of salaries of the security guard from 10th of every month onwards. Cheques should be drawn in the favour of the company.


For units located outside our branches shall provide an accommodation to our staff, since the personnel  posted at yours units will not be local persons. In case, if  you are not in position to provide accommodation charges.


All sort comings and irregularities reported everyday will be taken on priority basis and prompt action will be initiated to rectify the same. Our control room, mobile rapid action force and all field officers will be in the position to handle one & all situations at any time. 


For renewal of our services, a letter of renewal is required one month prior to the expiry of our contract will automatically stand as continuous for a further period of one calendar year along with 10% enhancement of charges, incase, of any quires / complaints / grievances / the same can be sorted out amicably across the table with mutual consent.

Either if the party can terminate the contract by giving one month notice compensation in lieu of notice.  The final clearance of our bill will be accepted by way of cash only or by demand draft. In case of cheque, the same ahould be handed to us, 7 days prior to the date of termination of contract.


No payment in kinds of cash will be offered to our personnel deployed at your units. We shall not be held responsibility for any such payment made to our personnel in all manners, without any written instruction from our end.


You will not employ our personnel’s directly or indirectly without the written consent from our company, if found so, then  payment of compensation to us equivalent to his / her two month salary inclusive of all taxes will be charges.


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